Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hum the Tango (Seriously. Do it. Because that's the title of this post. I'm thinking like "do. da do. do. do. da da d-da, duh da da dada, hmm hmm hmm hmmmmmdo do do, da do." Or maybe with "bum"s [bum. ba bum. bum. bum. etc.] But not "la"s. I'm not feeling "la"s here.)

I had my first dance class today. There were four of us there, but there are normally 9. One of my friends from school invited me. It's technically a modern dance class, but tonight we learned how to tango! We are going to do a dance that is a tango with a modern twist. It should be a lot of fun. I really like the dance class =]

I think my title is almost as long as this post...haha too bad. =P

Oh, and I wanna give a shout out to my awesome AUNT GEN!!! Thanks so much for commenting on all of my posts, it means a lot. You're the best, Aunt Gen! =]


  1. Awwww, no need to thank me sweetie, my pleasure. Remember, I'm living vicariously through you so my motives are more selfish than you realize. ;)

    The tango!!! That's awesome! Aren't both the music and the dance absolutely fab-u-licious?

    I took tango dance lessons a very looong time ago. Took me a solid 6 months of regular lessons to get to a point where I wasn't a complete disaster. Not saying I was ever any good, but at least I got to experience what it was like NOT to be a complete danger to myself and others.

    I think tango is much harder than swing but if I could get your Uncle Tommy to take dance classes with me I would totally try again.

  2. haha wow. i think ur comment is longer then my post...hahaha =]
    yes, its awesome! i dont know that much tho, we just learned a basic few steps. i want to try swing dancing, that would be so fun. this summer u should convince my parents to let me fly out to visit u, and we should go out dancing =]

  3. Wait, am I following this correctly? "gb" IS Aunt Gen?
    So she zinged herself about her age in the earlier post?
    If so, tell your Aunt Gen I said HI