Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It Smells Like Home

Yes, for those of you who think like I do...I was in a McDonald's today. =D
Back up. I went with Ernesto, Monika and Roman (My second host family) to Bratislava this afternoon. Monika had to be there for a press conference, because she's an amazingly good ice skater. After it, we went to the mall (I only got shoes and jeans for me, and a gift for a friend). Then we went to Micky D's! I got laughed at. A lot. By everyone. Even the staff laughed at me. I don't care. It was fun. And yes, all McDonald's smell and taste the same. =] It was sooooo good. Especially since I knew what exactly I was eating without having to ask.
And yes, I have pics. But I'm too lazy to upload them right now =P


  1. Did they have a kiddie playground? Did you play in the ball bin?

  2. haha. they did, but it was super small. no ball bin. and no, i didnt play in it.