Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mail Time

So, I'm just gonna say...I love getting mail. It makes me feel important. (I was gonna say special, but I really don't wanna give people even more reason to make "special" jokes about me...)
So far, I have received 3 letters. Ish. One from my dad, but it was only documents that I needed, and he didn't even write me a note...tsk tsk. (I love you, Daddy =] ) The second was more documents I needed from my dad, but this time he took and extra 30 seconds to write a note....that it took me 5 minutes to decipher...hahaha. And today I got a letter from my Grandmother. Thank you, Gram. Although now I'm thinking I should start wearing my glasses when I open mail...
That's all, folks!

P.S. Ok, thank you. Yes, you do have peanut butter in Slovakia. I get it. I was wrong. But it is not common, and my host family hadn't tried it, so I (wrongly, apparently) assumed that there wasn't peanut butter here. Also, because several people who went to Slovakia on exchange said there was no PB...anyways. Ok, there is PB. I'm sorry that I was wrongly informed about that, but I got it now. =] No need to keep bringing that up...Byes!


  1. So what are you saying, that email and blog comments don't count??? :p

  2. no, they count. im just saying its exciting to get real mail.