Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 posts, 1 day

Yea. Second post of the day. I'm just awesome like that. ;]
Or, ya know, I have more crap to talk about...
I went to the movies with some of my new friends (go me!). We saw Step Up 3, and I got laughed at cuz I did a little happy dance when it English!!! Weeeeew! Anyways...I thought it was a good movie, cheesy, but I expected it to be. On the way home (walking, of course) we were dancing and laughing and it was fun. I showed my dance to "Evacuate the Dancefloor" and one of my friends did a dance to "All the Right Moves". Good times...she invited me to go to dance class with her. I'm excited! I still have to ask, which I will do once all the angst about the conference is done.
Oh, yea. My first inbound conference is starting tomorrow. I will write more after it, but I'm not taking my laptop. I will keep awesome notes in my journal, though. =] Cuz I know how much my writing interests you all...hmm, I'm guessing not much. Haha, just kidding. Check back Monday or Tuesday, I'll try to write then. =]


  1. Cool! What kind of dance class are you going to take? And what is an inbound conference, is that a rotary thing?

  2. Sounds like fun! I remember how excited Arnaud was in 1995 when we found a French version of "Mary Poppins." Have a wonderful time in the Czech Republic

  3. um, i think its like modern or jazz dance. idk yet lol. yea, its a rotary thing.

    mhm...i can change the tv to english...i was just excited that the movie theater was playing in english. no, i was still in slovakia. in strecno.