Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Say What???

Whoops, I forgot to mention this.
They do not have PEANUT BUTTER in Slovakia. OMG.
So, I brought some. And last night, I made PB and banana sandwiches for myself and Gregor. He loved it. (How can he not? Its peanut butter. Haha.) So he made me make PB and banana sandwiches for his parents for breakfast this morning. Andrea said it was too sweet. I am not really clear on if Peter liked it or not (minor language barrier, being that he does not speak English and I do not speak Slovak. Yet.), but I think he did...
But I digress. My point here: I did not realize that peanut butter is an "American food". I thought America did not really have its own food, just McDonalds. But hey, we do! Go us. =)


  1. So care packages of peanut butter would be welcome, yes? What's your favorite kind? :)

    When Uncle Tommy and I were in China we were jonesing for peanut butter after a couple of days. We eventually found a tiny jar of Skippy at a mall in one of the cities we stayed in and paid a very silly amount for it but we were very happy.

  2. i brought my own with me already, so im set but thanks =]
    haha nice