Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I went to my first Rotary meeting in Piešťany today. It was very different.
There were thirteen people there, including me. I was the only kid, and also the only girl. We were in a small conference room at a hotel. The meeting started at 7:00 pm. When I got there, I was introduced, and then Karol Ambra talked a little about Ernesto, the other inbound who is not here yet. (He should be here soon, I am very excited to meet him!) Then we had soup. I think it was some form of cabbage and lettuce, but I am not totally sure...It was good though. Then more things were discussed. I have no idea what they were talking about. Then we had the main meal, fish and potato salad, maybe? Then more talking. Then dessert, mmmmm. Chocolate cake. Yum. Then even more talking, and that was it.

It was way different than Fremont Rotary. There was no singing, no socializing, no funny fines, no presentation...so no whispering during the presentation (ahem, Dad. hahaha). Not only did we eat three seperate courses for dinner, they were served to us. Yes, we actually had a waitress. It seemed like guests were not allowed, so maybe you have to be a Rotarian to go to Rotary meetings here? I am not quite sure, but if that is the case, I do not agree with that policy. I believe that anyone should be allowed to go to Rotary, is not the whole point of Rotary to get people more involved with other people and the world around them? If all Rotary meetings were closed meetings, Rotary would not be able to get nearly as much done in the world as it does. I could be wrong about the Rotary Club of Piešťany, but I still stand by the fact that guests should be allowed to attend Rotary meetings.


  1. If I'm able to come out and visit you'll have to sneak me in. ;)

  2. i thought the same thing about my rotary club in Kosice. My host parents didn't sit through it, they left both times...so i don't think they are allowed Guest. But i agree, they should be! (: (and i also could be wrong, but we'll see i guess, lol)