Friday, September 24, 2010

I Got a Package! & Gym Class

I Got a Package!:

I got a package, I got a package, I got a package, hey hey hey hey. =D
(Yes, I was actually singing. Be glad no one heard.)
I'm super excited! This package had good timing. =] I got: a sweatshirt from home (it smells like my house, so I probably look really weird right now, I'm sniffing it like I'm addicted to something...but I digress), little American flags, my nail stuff, chapstick, my favorite kind of tea, cornbread mix, and RAMEN NOODLES!!! I am a happy camper. =] Oh, and a note from Mom. Thank you =]

Gym Class:

Today it was awesome! Steer clear! It's a rollerblading American! And she can't steer! (hahaha) We went rollerblading, and since there were only four of us, we stopped and out teacher bought us pop. =] I had to borrow some, and the ones I was wearing didn't have a brake-thingy, so um...I'm sure I looked...interesting. It was really funny. But after a little while, I had to switch with our teacher, and she bladed while I rode her bike, because the rollerblades were a little to thin for my ginormously wide feet. But later we switched back and it was all good. It was a very fun gym class, Mrs. Rizley should let us do this sometime. =]


  1. I think you should start your own band with other American Rotarian exchange kids called "Rollerblading Americans" and you should all wear rollerblades while you perform.

    Better yet, you can rollerblade around on stage and switch instruments mid-song.

    As your manager I'll only require 15%. ;)

  2. ahahahaha!
    u havent heard me sing...or attempt to play drums or guitar...hmm. unless we went for a diff kind of music...we could be like jethro tull! ill play the flute, but someone else can sing =]
    i will talk it over with ppl. if we can get instruments, and they want to, i might send u a video...hahaha. wow. this is crazy =]