Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best Friday Ever!

Holy wow. Yesterday was awesome.
So I meant to post this last night, but I was really tired, and, let's face it, lazy, so I didn't. Anyways...
Yesterday, school was good. More people talked to me, and I had two English classes. They are super-duper hilarious! It's so funny, the fact that they learn British English here. So I laugh at some of the terms (hoover = vacuum LOL) and I laugh at some of the it's a very good class for me. After school, one of my new friends invited me to a concert that night.
I only had to walk for 15 minutes to go to a concert! My mind was blown by this fact. There were 6 of us together. We went to a rock concert. The first band we saw, was a Slovak rock band. I liked them, but I don't know their name. We ended up working our way to about the 4th row in front of the stage. It was so cool.
The next band was a Slovak ska band. They were ah-mazing. I was laughing to myself, remembering the time Mr. H told us about his band, and how they picked the wrong genre of music to make it big. Apparently they picked the right genre, just the wrong country. The ska band, Polamy (I think that was the name...) is hugely popular here. We worked our way to the very front! We rocked out right in front of the trombone, sax, and trumpet players. It was like the funnest thing I've done here yet. (I used some great grammer there, huh?)

This morning, I was ecstatic to find out my laptop's fixed!!! ( Did you notice all of the wondiferous apostrophes?) My laptop, it turns out, had my anti-virus, Kaspersky, making it very slow, and also it had a virus. So we ditched the Kaspersky and fixed the virus, and now I'm all set! Whoot whoot!!! I have a few new thingys to work out with my laptop right now, though, so if I don't reply to emails or comments or stuff right away, I'm sorry. But I'll try =]


  1. Awesome!!! Ska music rocks. Are you sure the name of the band wasn't Polemic?

  2. haha ur right. the name of it WAS Polemic =]
    do u know them? cuz they r awesome! lol

  3. I have heard of Polemic from coworkers (of eastern europe/slavic origin).

  4. it is an awesome band! u should deff listen to them =] my fav song by them is "do ska" =]

  5. As I recall, your mother was a fan of ska - 100 years ago, when she was in college.