Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today was my first day of school. It turns out my class is going to Italy for a few days, so tomorrow until Tuesday I have to go to a different class, but I do not know which one. There are about 20 kids in my class. Only 4 girls said hi to me. 2 of them showed me around a little, but everyone else, including the girl who sat right next to me, ignored me. I could not understand a thing the teacher was saying. There were some announcements, I could not understand those either. The other kids do not speak very good English. I do not like school.


  1. School will get better, I am sure. I hope you will be able to post pictures soon.

  2. Hi Kelly
    it's me Maria. I am trying second time to post some comment. I am not sure hoq to do it. Will see. More next time.

  3. yea, as soon as my laptops working again ill get some pics up.

    hi maria =] its nice to hear from u =]

  4. I guarantee the girls are not ignoring you, they just don't know what to say.

    It will get better, hang in there.

  5. They're just a little jealous. They've been working fot yrars to get the boys' attention - then you waltz in, prettier than all of them. I'm sure by now they've come around, no?