Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Serious Post, For Once

For those of you that don't know, my dad has prostate cancer.

Yesterday he had surgery to have his prostate removed. Everything is looking good, he's doing fine. The doctors sent in lymph nodes for testing, just to make sure they got it all. But Dad looks good.

His surgery took place at around 8 am eastern time, so 2 pm for me. I found out the time of his surgery at about...1 pm here. I found out by reading my brother's Facebook status. Yes, my mom forgot to tell me. She claims it was to keep me from worrying, but really, she just forgot. (Ok, so that was probably the original plan, to keep me from worrying, but in that plan, I still have to be told eventually...) Anyways. My dad is doing fine, and I've finally stopped freaking out about it. (About the surgery, and the fact that I didn't know about the surgery, that is.)

But please keep my dad in your thoughts. Thanks


  1. Just spoke to your Dad on the phone, he sounds great, he's doing really, really well. Doctor may even release him early.

    He wanted me to tell you he's doing fine, that he loves you and you should forgive your mother.

  2. ok. thanks for telling me.

    and i did, but its still funny. if u talk to my mom, ask her when aunt helen died =] (inside joke =] )