Monday, March 28, 2011

Ski Week

 Ok, once again, I didn't post for a while. But this time I have a good excuse! I was at Ski Week.
Picture: Me halfway down one of the hills, enjoying the scenery.

There were 29 exchanges from District 2240, which was amazing. We were in Jasna, Slovakia. We arrived Sunday night, and stayed until the next Saturday morning.
Picture: Ernesto (Mexico), Me, Kristina (California), Zoe (Oregon), and Rafa (Brasil) standing in front of the lift, getting ready to go down the hill.

We skied every morning, and all day on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. I fell at least once every day, but nothing major. On Wednesday afternoon, we toured a cave in Liptossky Mikulas, and then went to a waterpark there.
Picture: The "Pussy-willow Waterfall" formation of stalactites in the cave.

On Thursday afternoon, we had a "carnival", basically we wore masks and had races down the hill on inner tubes and the like. Monday night we had our own little "disco" in the basement of our hotel, and Friday night we got to go to the real disco there. It was really fun, dancing with everyone all crazy, and avoiding the drunks trying to hit on us. But nothing bad happened, don't worry(:
Picture: Our team, Os Fodas, for the carnival. Me, Rachel (Illinois), Rhihannon (Washington), Gustavo (Brasil), and Jenn (New York).

Also Wednesday, we went out to dinner. I was with 4 other friends, and we all went to an American restaurant (yum) then met everyone at a bar that the Rotex had reserved for us. Twas fun.
Picture: A group of us taking random pictures with our flags in the hotel. Top row, from left: Lydia (Pennsylvania), Ana (Brasil), Kenton (Ohio), Lewis (Australia), Me, Marina (Brasil), Samara (Mexico) Bottom row: Piera (Brasil) and Victor (Brasil)

Yes, I know I skipped around a bit, and this was a super short post to describe my week, but the week went super fast. Just enjoy the pics!
Picture: Going up the lift, this was one of my roommates, Kristina (California).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Trying to Keep You All in the Loop (:

So, I just realized that I haven't posted in like a week. Whoops.

Let's see...last weekend I went out with friends Friday night. Then Saturday I stayed home, because my new host aunt, uncle, and cousins visited. They used to live in Canada, but moved back to Slovakia three years ago, so it was fun for me to be able to talk without having to worry about using words that everyone knows. And also, it's fun to meet new teenagers. On Sunday we had a BBQ, and it was super fun. It was really warm out, finally it is spring. (Actually, it feels like yesterday was fall, so it's not really finally...) I got to play catch with my host cousins (with my American football - yay for having someone who already knew how to throw a spiral!)

This week, school was not normal...the seniors had exams Tuesday - Thursday, so we all had to be out of the building. On Tuesday my class was helping to clean a park. We were done by about 10:30, so that was pretty good. On Wednesday we saw a documentary, I think about taking care of the environment and such. (It was in Czech, so I didn't understand a whole lot of the narrator.) Then Thursday, I went to Bratislava with Eva and Monika, because Monika had a press conference. We went shopping first (although I didn't buy anything, since my father doesn't understand the need to buy clothes - hello, teenage girl here! Just kidding, I love you, Daddy. But I would also love some more money...haha) and then to the ice arena.

So far this weekend (it is only Friday) I went out with friends to a tea shop. It was fun, I feel like I now have a "group" again, which is very nice. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow, but Sunday Ernesto and I head to Jasna to go skiing! Yay! (:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Feel Special

I rode the bus all by myself, like a big kid today! I'm very proud of myself. And yes, I realize that I sound like I'm mentally challenged, but I don't care. (And, quite frankly, I usually sound like I'm mental, so this is nothing new.) But the story...

Today after dance class, I didn't want to walk the 40-ish minutes home, so I decided to ride the bus. Olivia went with me to the stop to make sure I got on the right bus, and such. We had to talk to the driver to convince him to give me a student fee, since I don't have a card (I need to get one...). But he did. And Olivia left, and I rode all by myself(: I even got off at the right stop! (This is also really good, since problems with bus stops runs in the family...Remember that one time in Chicago with Judy, Mom? hahaha) So yes. I'm proud of myself, and I just thought I'd share(:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Really Should Write More Often

But I'm busy.

After getting home from Italy, life went back to normal. Last weekend I hung out with my host sister and her friends Friday and Saturday nights, and also on Sunday. They are very nice.

I just moved into my last family tonight. I now have my host parents, and a host sister in Brasil, and a 15 year old host sister here. This was originally going to be my second family, so I have most likely mentioned them before.

I'm really tired right now, but I just wanted you all to know I haven't forgotten about my blog, I've just been busy.