Saturday, February 26, 2011

Italy 7

Today after breakfast we didn’t do anything. Well, I watched “Hotel Rwanda” and Barca studied. Then at about noon, everyone except me and Barca’s mom (she doesn’t ski) went skiing at the mountain here. I stayed at the hotel because 1) I was really tired, 2) It was super windy down here, and I figured it would only be worse at the top of the mountain, and 3) I am going skiing again in a few weeks, but there probably won’t be a sauna there(:

So I stayed here and went to the sauna for a while. It is so relaxing. I’m definitely going to be using Grammy and Grampy’s sauna when I get back, haha. But after that I came back up to our room to wait for them to get done skiing. It was about 5 pm, and I expected them back anytime. So I started watching “The Sting” while I waited. At about 6:20, when I was starting to worry, I got a call from Barca’s mom, saying, “So you know, Barca is in our room. She broke her leg.”

I went down to their room right away, where Barca was sitting with a splint on her leg. She said it was super windy on top, and like all ice. She had fallen and kept rolling for 10 meters, is what I understood. I’m just glad she is one of the few people here that wears a helmet the whole time she skis. Her mom and I came and got her some clean clothes, and now she’s showering and I’m waiting in my room for them to call me to go to dinner.

George Clooney's Pig
During dinner, we had some interesting conversations.  The choices for dinner tonight were pork or rabbit. Of course, I got pork. I’m just gonna reinforce my idea here, eating rabbits is just wrong. They are fluffy and adorable pets, plus a certain rabbit brings candy during Easter…my point being, pigs and cows never bring you candy, so it’s ok to eat them. Haha, no. I just think there is something not quite right about eating rabbit, but apparently I’m the only one here who thinks this. So Erik was eating his rabbit, and laughing at me because I was making my “they are pets, don’t eat them” speech. Then he pointed out that George Clooney has a pet pig. And he made the observation that George Clooney also has a house in Italy, and maybe tonight his pig wasn’t at home…to which I replied, “Well, his pig was delicious.” Which kinda canceled my original point, but oh well. Then later in dinner, he said that he was staying in my room tonight. And I’m still not sure if he was kidding or not. Because he said Barca will stay in her parent’s room with her dad, and her mom would stay with Erika, so Erik would stay here. And I think he was kidding, but either no one else was listening, or they were not making any other jokes or anything because he was serious. But I’m not sure, I will see later. I’m guessing Barca might stay here, but I don’t know if she will because of the stairs, and also if it were me, I would totally want to be with my parents after I broke my leg.

Actually, I think she just tore some ligaments in her knee or something similar, because it’s the knee that’s the problem, not the bone. She said she will have to have surgery in a few months. Now she can walk, but not dance or anything, which is why she needs the surgery, or so I understand it.

Ok, so now Barca and her parents are in here. Barca is trying to get situated so her leg doesn’t hurt, and I can’t do anything to help. I feel really bad, there’s nothing I can do. I have offered to help. But everyone just tells me, “Oh, it’s fine.” So ok…

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