Sunday, February 20, 2011

Italy 2

This morning I woke up, and Barca was gone. I was like, “Oh crap! What time is it?” Cause I knew that we had to be down for breakfast at like 8 am. I checked my phone and it was only 7:30, so I got ready, and Barca showed up at about 7:50 (she had been in her parent’s room). We went to breakfast, and there was so much food! I’m not just trying to be dramatic here (well, not much anyways). But there was cereal, and bread, and sausage,  bacon,  prosciutto, and mortadella (spelling?), and cheese, and fresh and dried fruit, and eggs, and muffins,  croissants, and danishes (spelling?).  The danishes were better than Mom’s, but not as good as Aunt Joanne’s, to give you an idea. Still delicious though. 

It's mud! I promise!
After breakfast, Barca and I went back up to our room to get changed for skiing. Now, today I didn’t try to kill myself by downhill skiing, but I think I will tomorrow. Today we cross-country skied.  This was a completely new experience for me. And let me tell you, it’s a LOT harder than it looks. It looks like you just have to walk, or maybe move your feet like you’re skating. Uh, no. You have to use your ski poles to push yourself along, and slide your feet forward. And it is very tiring. I was doing pretty well. I could go forward pretty fast, so I (being oh-so-humble), tried to ski the “professional way”. Meaning I tried to do the skating-ish motion like you see on TV. And actually, I did ok with that too. I got about 10 yards. Until I sorta lost control…(Now, the trail we were on was fake snow on a cornfield I believe. So if you went off the trail, there was mud. Keep this in mind.) Well…I fell. It didn’t hurt, the actually falling. But I couldn’t get my ski off, and so my ankle was hurting a bit. Barca, once done asking, “Kathleen! Are you ok? Did you break anything??”, helped me to get the skis off. Then I could stand up. And oh yea, I fell in the mud. I looked like I had a little accident…nasty brown mud and white ski pants do NOT mix. At all. I did make some new friends though. Mainly because I found this whole situation hilarious, and was laughing as Barca helped me wipe off my butt as best we could. All the professional type people that went by us were laughing at me because I smiled at all of them and gave a few people a thumbs-up. One guy asked if I was ok. So after I got up, and was back to beginner skiing, it was all good. But people were still laughing because I had a mud stain on my butt. So attractive…sigh.

After we were done skiing (I skied 5 kms!) we drove into town to find somewhere to buy lunch. Except for the fact that it’s Sunday…so not much was open. We went back to our hotel, where Barca and I had lunch. I had to explain what ravioli was to her, which is just a crime against nature. How can you not have ravioli? But I digress. We had our veal and herb ravioli (YUM) and went back to our room. Now we are waiting until the wellness center opens (pool, sauna, solarium, etc.) and we will go there.

Stupid Air-less Air Hockey
Barca finally got up…after me waking her up and believing her when she said “Ok, give me a minute.” 45 minutes later, I woke her up again, and we got ready to go. Wearing our swimsuits with ugly bathrobes over them (that were way too big), we headed down to the wellness center. We first swam for like 10 minutes, then got in the hot tub, sorry, whirlpool, for a bit. Then on to the sauna. Now, before this little experience I wouldn’t exactly call myself a prude…but OMG, I am. I understand that you use the sauna naked. But is it really necessary to stand outside of the actual sauna, drinking tea, without bothering to close your robe or wrap a towel around yourself? Add onto this the fact that most of the people there were over 45, and not in great shape. This was one…different…experience. But I liked the sauna (even though I further proved my prudesh-ness by keeping a towel around myself the entire time) and after that we had tea and lay on these awesome waterbeds in the “resting room”. And then back up to our room to change for dinner. After dinner (delicious again), we went down to the game room to play poker. I wasn’t allowed to play for money, being underage and all…haha. But that was pretty fun. I ended up being dealer because I was the only one who could actually shuffle. I quit after a bit, and played foosball with Barca and another girl. Then we played air hockey, except it was stupid, and didn’t have any air. So it was like table hockey, but boring. And then Barca and I asked how to get online, which is why you can read this now(: But it is really expensive here to use the internet, so I will upload pictures later because it takes too long to upload. So check back next week-ish for pictures.

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