Friday, February 18, 2011

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho...

...It's off to Italy I go!

Yes, you read that right. Tomorrow I'm going to Italy for a week with my second host family. We are going skiing in the Alps, and I'm very excited. I don't know exactly where...but it's Italy! Does it really matter? (:

So, there are many things that I haven't written about. First of all, I'm in my third family. I'm only living here for a few weeks, and no, I'm not sure why I had to move. But hey, that's Rotary for you. I really like them, they are nice. They have a pet rabbit that's hilarious.

Last Saturday was the Rotary Ball. Basically, I got to get all dressed up, and then go and sit with Ernesto for like six hours. No, it was fun though. But many adults dancing to music that I can't really dance to. Well, ok...I can, but I would need someone to dance with, and Ernesto wouldn't. But it was fun to listen to the music. And the fact that it was a live band, so I could finally point out to people what a bari sax is, and be like, "That's what I played in the US!" And then I got some strange looks, but hey.

There's probably lots of things I'm forgetting, but it's really late here. Anyways, I'm going to Italy, yes, I will take lots of pictures, and I will blog about it when I get back. Hopefully I don't kill myself on the Alps...haha!

What do you think of my dress?

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