Saturday, February 26, 2011

Italy 6

Today after breakfast we (everyone left in our group) went skiing. Half went cross-country, and the other half, downhill. I went downhill with Barca, her dad, and another guy. We were at a different place than earlier this week. Also, I borrowed Erik’s skis, which saved me a lot of money (nothing is cheap here). WE only went skiing for two hours, but it was really fun. I think this was the best place we have gone, but I think I’m the only one who thinks that. It was just one really small hill. But I liked it, because it reminded me of Shannon at Caberfae. I went on like 10 runs, I think. I fell three times. The first time was because I had loosened my ski boots going up the hill (Poma lift) and forgot to tighten them. The second time was because I was turning super slow because I had just fallen, and my skis crossed. The third time was later, and I took a turn too sharply. But besides that, it was amazing. Because it was so small, there weren’t many people there. And you couldn’t really get lost on the hill…haha. Also, there were a few bumps in the run that made for great jumps. The first time I jumped was semi-accidental, but the times after that were totally on purpose. I’m not sure how far I actually jumped, but I know I was about a foot vertical in the air. It was shweet.

After our skiing, we all met up for lunch at a restaurant that was near the hill. I had gnocchi, yum(: Our waiter was really cute, too. (I do love Italian boys! haha) So lunch was good. After lunch we went back to the hotel, but we didn’t get here until about 4:15. Then we hung out. Barca and I finished “The Sound of Music” which I still can’t believe she had never seen before. Then we got all dressed up for dinner.

Barca and her friend
Dinner tonight was a five course meal. All delicious (duh). During dinner, this adorable little German (I think) girl made friends with us. She was peeking over the divider and talking to Barca in German. She was three, she told Barca. Then after dinner (we didn’t finish until 9:15!), we just came upstairs to look at the gazillion pictures I have. And now to bed.

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