Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yay, it's 2011!

So, for New Year's Eve...I went with my friend Sofia to watch her dance performance. She is in a folk dance group, and they are REALLY good. It was fun to watch. Then after that, we had food and stuff with some more of her friends. And then went to watch fireworks. They were awesome. Plus I felt popular because I saw a bunch of people that I know(: After talking and seeing everyone, we went to a bar. (I'm not sure what the name was.) Dancing, laughing at drunk people...One guy was like passed out. His friend was trying to get him out the door. Right as he got out, the drunk guy came to a bit, and I think he tried to punch his friend...I'm not sure, but it was pretty hilarious. Sofia's parents picked us up around 2am, and took me home. It was a super fun New Year's Eve.

Stastny Novy Rok!


  1. Sounds awesome!

    We stayed in, had friends come over, including kids and dogs. We played dance central on the xbox with the kinect controller (sooo entertaining to watch and play) and made mini red velvet cupcakes with my new mini-cupcake maker (Xmas present I asked for specifically). :)(

  2. mini cupcakes?? thats amazing. i want some. lol