Monday, January 31, 2011

Banska Bystrica

Ok. So I have so much to say, and this is gonna be super random (as if everything else I write isn't...hahaha). But I'm sure you all have noticed, I don't really go back and edit these yes.

Friday Ernesto and I took the bus to Banska Bystrica for our Rotary Weekend. We arrived, and checked in and stuff. Hung out with people. Then once everyone was there, we went to a concert. It wasn't exactly the type of music we all prefer, so we spent the time taking pictures, and after we talked more, haha. During dinner, "the Australian" arrived. His name is Lewis, but everyone just called him the Australian. He was surrounded by like 15 girls, and Jenn and I just laughed at all of them. After dinner, we heard announcements. Then went in this other room, and talked with the rebounds, and had this competition thing. My team came in like last, but it was fun. Then all the Rotarians left (haha!) and we all talked, and played baseball with apples, and danced on the table, and choked on water, and laughed until we cried...well, we didn't all do all of that, but all of that happened. And we were all in our rooms by midnight.

Saturday after breakfast we went into town. We had a tour of the city hall, and spent like 3 hours taking pictures, cause we're sweet like that. Then we split into two groups and went on a tour outside around the city. Our tour guide, at one point said to us, "If you want to see the homeless people here, just look over there." It was quite funny. Rosa (Mexico) and Lewis were playing in the snow, and were completely covered. Good times. Then we were all back together as a group for lunch. We went to a restaurant that was owned by a Slovak pro hockey player. He played on like 3 teams in the NHL, but I don't know his name. We all got signed stuff by him though, so that was cool. During lunch, at my table we were all playing music with our water glasses, probably annoying everyone else..too bad. And asking Lewis to say things, like "wombat", and "koala", and "kangaroo". And asking him a gazillion questions about Australia. Then we found out we could get virgin cocktails for 10% off, so of course we had to get them(: But then we found out, because we were ordering them from the regular drink menu, and just having them made virgin, they would be full price. But we still got them anyway. I had a strawberry daiquiri, but I also tried Rachel's pina colada, and Jenn's raspberry daiquiri, and "love you" (very fruity, yum) and Lewis's something-or-other. I don't know what exactly it was, but it had banana and red bull, and was good. And I tried Megan's drink, but it was nasty. (And we were all sharing drinks, I wasn't just being a mooch, FYI.) After lunch, we went to the mall. I hung out with Jenn, Ramiro, Crystal, and Lewis for the most part, but our group changed as we ran into other people and stuff. We didn't spend much time shopping, mostly we were just walking around and making jokes about the "Erotic City" store. (And no, we didn't go in it. At least, my group didn't...haha) And then we all got ice cream at a shop in the mall, and ate that while listening to Lewis talk about the gypsies. And he said Jenn and I were immature, but we explained that in a few weeks he will be just like us. (By the end of the weekend, he was. Win!) We all went back to the hotel and had dinner, then a ping pong tournament. The guys were separate from the girls. Myles (America) won the guys, and I won the girls. It was pretty fun. After that, we had a disco! That was fun, crazy dancing...and I'm not gonna go into a lot of details. But I danced with a bunch of people. And we were all back in our rooms by 1:30.

Sunday we went to a museum after breakfast. It was about Slovakia in the World Wars, and it was chilling. I don't think this group of kids has ever been that quiet. After that, we went back for lunch, and then everyone went home. I already blogged bout my traveling issues, so I won't repeat that, haha. I hope you enjoyed the pics, and come see me in person in July to see the pics I refuse to post online(:

And I am having picture issues, so they are all just below. Gah.
Lewis and his girls
Girls Bracket
Teague and I at the "Disco"


  1. And he said Jenn and I were immature, but we explained that in a few weeks he will be just like us. (By the end of the weekend, he was. Win!)

    lol - you are hilarious!

  2. um, thanks? im just being honest here haha