Sunday, January 30, 2011

I HATE Public Transportation

OMG. I miss having a car.

So, to get home today, Ernesto and I took a bus to Trnava, and then were supposed to get on a bus to Piestany, about 40 minutes later. Well, we were in the wrong spot, and missed the bus. And then tried to make the train that was leaving in 10 minutes...yea, that didn't happen. So he called his host dad, who said the next bus was in 20 minutes. So we waited for that one. And then like 2 minutes before it was supposed to be there, this bus pulled into a different spot. So I said I think that was our bus, but Ernesto wasn't sure...we checked anyways. Thank goodness we did, cause it was our bus. So we finally made it home, but I don't like public transportation. At all.

Side note: A post about my Rotary Weekend in Banska Bystrica will be up soon, but I'm tired right now. Check my pics on Facebook if you want to! (:


  1. lol - I think public transportation being a viable option to using a car is dependent on 2 things:

    1. reliability
    2. nice weather

    Waiting for a bus that's late in the cold or rain is no fun.

    Of course, I ride a bike whenever possible over taking the bus or driving a car so what do I know? ;)

  2. yea, but also it doesnt make it better when ur in a city u've never been in, and u dont speak the language fluently...