Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ok, I have wayyyy too much to write everything, so I'll just give a brief overview.

First, we celebrated last night. We had dinner, (fish and potato salad) and then opened presents. Then we played with our presents, and talked, and did the usual Christmas thing. Then today, we had a huge breakfast, and just hung out all day. So that is my VERY brief overview.

Now for the pictures...
Table set for Christmas dinner



Nutella is delicious(:
And I have lots more pictures on Facebook, or email me if you want specific pictures, and I'll tell you if I have them...Happy Holidays!


  1. It sounds like you had a nice holiday - and the dinner and deserts look really good!

    Also, I agree with you - Nutella is pretty great stuff.

    How's your Slovak coming along? Are you able to have full conversations with the native speakers yet? I'm sure I've told you that in Italy one night I tried to ask a waiter for an ashtray - but what I actually did ask him was to set my a$$ on fire... oops!

  2. Milá Kelly,
    Vianoce si oslávila pri sviatočnom stole,plnom dobrôt a sladkostí. Ako ti chutil vyprážaný kapor? Ktoré koláčiky ti chutili najviac? Do roku 2011 Ti prajem všetko najlepšie, veľa procovných úspechov. Mária

    P.S. Podarilo sa ti spojiť s pani profesorkou Barbarou V.?
    Ďakujem za odpoveď.

  3. Maria- áno snažil som kapra. to bolo celkom dobré. Milujem všetky sladkosti. dal som váš list k mojej anglickej učiteľka povedala, že by to váš priateľ.

    Uncle John- um, it depends. i can understand the main point usually, but i have issues with exact words lol. (google translate is great lol)