Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Unintentional Explore

So today I went to Austria.

We (my host family and I) went shopping in this ginormous outlet mall. The shopping was good, I got a few new things. I'm still looking for a good winter hat but I got gloves for skiing today. Yay(:

But...we got to go on an explore. Apparently we took a wrong turn or something...but I don't mind, I love going on explores. I got to see an extra hour of the Austrian countryside today. It was pretty cool.

Ok, so this was just a really quick update. Comment on what you want to hear about!


  1. Any pictures of the countryside? When and where will you go skiing?

  2. no, i didnt have my camera yet.

    i went skiing last week, just at a really small place near piestany. we weren't there for long, i only got to do like 6 runs.