Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lots of Updates

Ok. So I have a bunch of stuff to talk about...but I will probably get bored and not write that many details. I don't know yet.

Fiona: I have heard (I'm not the first in the loop, for better info talk to my parents.) that she is doing great. The surgery went fine. As I understood it, there is still a little bit of the tumor there, but they are waiting for the lab results to see what they will do. Fiona is alert and remembering things, which is good because apparently a bad sign is short term memory loss, but she is all good for now. She is moved out of intensive care, but still in the hospital. So that is what I know from my last update.

The itty-bitty skaters that I think are better then me.
Skating: My skating lessons are super awesome amazing fun! I have had two lessons so far. It looks like I will be taking about two lessons a week. So, in my first lesson I learned to not fall, and how to stop. In my second lesson, I did a turn! And not just like 360 degrees, either. It was like 3 turns! Go me. When I finally did it, I got super excited, and then I got laughed at because apparently I'm funny when I'm acting like a 5 year old. Go figure.

Slovak: I am still learning (duh) and I think it is going pretty good.  I can remember a lot more now, and I'm having fun when my friends don't realize I know something, and I just say "I understand." Their faces: priceless.

an elf, me, a butcher, and a pirate
Halloween: So, sadly, there is no trick-or-treating here. But I think I had way more fun then any of my friends in USA. (na-na-nana-na!) So last night ( 10/30) I went out with a few friends from my dance class. We went to 2 places: the first was a bar and there was a band playing like alternative rock. They are friends with a few of the band members. So we listened to them for a while, then went to place number 2, Indians. They had a thing, where if you wore a costume, you got in free. So we were all dressed up, although my costume was a little lacking. I was just wearing a dress and heels, so they were going to make me pay, until we used the "she's an American and we are showing her stuff" excuse. So I got in free, and the guy told me "Welcome to Slovakia." Exchanges rock. So once in, it was a madhouse. We didn't get there until like 10:15, so it was already crowded. Everyone was in costume, and the dance floor was soooo packed. But it was super amazing. We spent the whole time there dancing. At one point, I got my butt grabbed...It turns out it was a guy that was friends with my friend, so she explained the whole "American" thing, and he apologized. But he said that he wouldn't do anything unless I wanted to. hahaha. Relax, nothing happened. =] I had to be home at 12 (boo.) but all my friends were staying until it closed, at like 3 or 4 am. So I left early, but I still had the best Halloween ever. =D


  1. Super cool! Uncle Tommy and I threw on our Star Trek costumes and went downtown to this outdoor plaza where a DJ had set up a sound system and a bunch of people in costume (maybe 200) were just hanging out dancing - it was loads of fun.

  2. And I also think dancing is more fun than getting candy. :)

  3. shweet. and dancing is deff fun, but im missing starburst...we dont have it here. =[ lol

  4. Dancing is so totally more fun than candy! And sometimes they come together: dancing and eye-candy that is...

    Keep having a great time. To quote a favorite movie character of mine (Ros Russell in Auntie Mame) "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!" Don't be one of those; eat the fish-berry jam.... 8×}