Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(Just Desserts)

This is gonna be completely random, and not in any order...just to warn you. I'm going to write of things as I think of them, so there might be some pretty odd connections  here...anyways.

School has been pretty normal, aka super boring.  The other day (I think it was yesterday...yea, it was yesterday.) I understood a little bit of what my English teacher was saying when she switched to Slovak. Meaning I understood when she said that what I had just said, after she asked for my opinion, was wrong. And that she was right when it came to British English. Yea, ok, whatever. But other things that happened in school...I have started taking random videos with Olivia between classes...they are quite hilarious. If you want the link, send me an email and I'll try to remember to give you the Youtube link. So that has given me something to do during school.

I am taking Slovak lessons from Babicka (my host grandma) and I think I'm learning more...So far I have learned the months, and days of the week, times of day (morning, noon, night, etc.), and sports stuff...So yea. I'm studying during school. Ish. I feel like I know a lot, until I try to talk in Slovak..then it's all like, "Wait, what's that word? How do I conjugate that?" But oh well.

My dance class is...AWESOME. We finished learning our tango. Olivia is teaching me the modern dance they have to the song "All The Right Moves". (They already knew it when I joined the class.) And our teacher said if I learn it, I can perform it with them. =] Now we are learning jive! So I had my iPod in class, and I was showing the girls some of my "American Music". They had never heard the song "Magic" (by B.o.B) and so I played that one for the teacher, too. Oh yea, I rock. We are jive-ing to "Magic" hahaha! Go me.

After =D
Rotary meeting are still pretty boring for me since I don't understand any of it. But the food is great. =] The District Governor for District 2240 was there last week. (Ok, technically this week, whatever.) But he was speaking in Czech, not Slovak, so it wasn't a big deal that Ernesto and I couldn't understand him. (Whew.) I was going to add some pics of the food on here, but it's not letting me...I'll add them later if I can.

Ok, so I guess this wasn't as random as I thought it would be (mostly thanks to parenthesis haha). Oh, and about skating: Since I don't have skates, it probably will be awhile before I start. But I have dance class, and I bike to Babicka, and tomorrow Ernesto and I are playing squash with a few I'm not worried (much) about the "exchange student weight gain" haha.

Oh, and the title: If I could post the pics I wanted to, you would get it. =D ***As you can see, I now uploaded the pictures. These are all from Rotary meetings. Enjoy!***


  1. kathleen-am enjoying your comments so much.
    Halloween card is in the mail.Please let me know when you receive it. Love from grandad and me;

  2. great to hear from u, but can u please use my regular email for personal messages? anyone who reads my blog can see these comments. thanks.

  3. Now I'm hungry, thanks. :p

    Any video of you dancing tango?

  4. hahaha ur welcome.
    nope, not yet at least lol.
    but if u want to see my crazy classmates, u can check out my youtube page (kbuck1811)

  5. I think I want to visit just for the deserts! O.M.G.! They look incredible.