Saturday, October 9, 2010

Je Mi Zima

Today Gregor and I went to this really cool restaurant for lunch. We got pizza. And we each got our own pizza, and they were like 14 inch pizzas...but we both ate all of it! It was super good. I got 4 cheese pizza, and it also had some spices on it, I'm not sure what kind though. Anyways, the point of this...Slovak pizza is really good, and I was stuffed.

Then we all went to Andrea's cousin's house later today. We (Gregor and I) played this odd, and fun game, where you have 9 bowling pin-type-thingys, and there is a ball on a string, and you try to knock over the's kinda hard to explain...but it was fun. Then we ate soup that had sausage in it (I think...). After that Gregor and I went for a walk up to the "lake". hahaha. More like "oversized-pond", but he argued that it was a lake...ok...anyways. It was freezing, so I learned how to say "I am cold." in Slovak. (After I got corrected...apparently saying "Som zima." means "I'm winter." oops.) I was repeating it a bit (or, ya know, a lot...) so Gregor got mad and kicked me. But it was funny. And I deserved it, I know. When we got back, I found out we had to eat more! We had potato salad, and duck, and kapusta, and something that I don't remember the name of...but it was all really good. So now I don't need to eat for like 3 days...haha.

At home, Gregor and I watched "The Game Plan" in Slovak on tv. I can figure out a lot more. I only had to ask what they said 3 times. The rest of the time, I just guessed what they were saying. Sometimes I actually knew though. Yay me! And right now I found out that I can listen to football games online, thank you ESPN. You're awesome. Go Blue.


  1. So let me get this eat a lot, dont take tests, and watch tv? oh, and travel all over doing a whole lot of nothing? well arnt you having an intellectually stimulating experience..

  2. awwww. thanks jack, ur so sweet. =]
    no. i dont watch tv...its too complicated to turn on. lol.
    im learning...random words. my friends find it hilarious so they make me ask random people if they have camels...yea. lol
    but really. i am learning. and its a cultural exchange, no one expects me to do great in school.

  3. well you should want to do well in school..with the universities you are looking at, doing well in school is a must lol..of course, i guess we cant all get 30s on our ACTs...:)

  4. nope, and u proved that. im just special =P haha, jk, ily!

    dude. its like one long lecture, with the teachers talking as fast as they can, and i dont understand it yet lol. first i need to understand, then ill worry bout trying to learn or not =]

  5. oops! sorry. purple cabbage...well in this case it was purple. its cabbage. in general. =]

  6. gb, that was the first question I had ws well. It sounds more like a medical condition than cabbage, don't you think?

    You just keep rating as much kapusta ad you like (but you might also want to keep some Bean-o handy too ;-)