Sunday, June 5, 2011

Euro Tour - Vatican City

To get to Vatican City, we had to walk for about 15 mins, then took the metro for a half hour. Then waited in line for like an hour. Super fun. NOT.

Once we got through security (a la airport), we had about 3 hours by ourselves to explore. I went with one other girl, and we saw so much. I got laughed at because I took over 500 pictures. But really, how many times will I be in the Vatican?

We saw the Sistine Chapel first. Well, actually, we saw all this cool stuff that lead to it. We couldn't take pictures inside the actual chapel, but it was so ahmazing.

Then we saw St. Peter's Bastillica (spelling?). Also very cool.

We met up with Rotary outside. I was one of the few who didn't get to see the Pope. We had been in the Bastilla when he came outside. So about half of the exchanges saw him from all the way across the square, but we didn't. I still had a great time.

Then we left, and went back to Roma (:

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