Sunday, June 5, 2011

Euro Tour - Mount Vesuvius and Sorrento

Each day of the Euro Tour, a different group of 4 was chosen to write about the day, and they will all be put together into a book for us, or emailed to us (which is more likely). My group (Anna, Emma, Zoe, and I) wrote about the trip to Mount Vesuvius and Sorrento. Instead of writing a new thing about it, I will type up our entry for you, adding my pictures.

"May the XXX

"On this day in history, the District 2240 exchange students had yet another epic adventure. They departed from their hotel at the early hour of 7.30, due to the impending train strikes. Against all odds, they managed to successfully arrive at the next stage of their journey. From there they embarked on a three hour bus ride to the mighty Mount Vesuvius.

"After a treacherous drive up the volcano, they were forced to set out on foot. They trudged up the impressive peak, determined to conquer it. The most intrepid of the explorers took the experience to new heights - literally. They joined a tour and trekked to the most perilous parts of the peak, to experience unsurpassed panoramas - and blow on a cigarette. (1) After completing the circumnavigation of the crater, the fearless joined with the feeble, the frugal, and the 'fraid.

"They journeyed back down the mountain, and following another long ride in the "beloved" bus, they arrived in the lovely seaside city of Sorrento. Accommodation was made in a hostel in the heart of the city. after settling in, they gorged themselves on a bountiful feast in a local Italian restaurant. From there they parted ways, each group  to explore the city as they pleased. 

"The main explorers of our story set off on a quest for a beach. They descended to sea level and there found a quaint harbor to sit on a wall, climb on the rocks, and take in the lovely starlit view. Unable to bathe themselves in the sapphire seas, they continued onward. Success was theirs whence they came upon a sandy shore of utmost beauty and perfect dimensions. After short discussion, they elected to frock in the ocean, clad only in their undergarments. (2) Once they finished with their swim, they redressed and headed home.

"Twas overall...awesome.

"(1) Note: as Rotary students, we obey all rules, including those regarding smoking. Blowing the smoke from the cigarette into the vent in the volcano caused a chemical reaction that made extra steam.
"(2) Once again, all Rotary rules were entirely obeyed. It was innocent fun in underwear only due to a lack of proper swimming attire."

As you can see, we had fun with it. We started in the style of Monty Python, but it evolved to general nerdiness. Credit goes to: Anna Essex, Zoe Dilles, and Emma Brooks. And me :D

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