Saturday, June 4, 2011

Euro Tour - Rome

First, let me just say: Now, every time I type "Rome", I have to backspace and type it again, because I always type "Roma" the first time. So if I miss it in this post, don't freak(:

So, from the ferry. We got on our bus and drove a ways to a train station. Because Rome is stupid. To take a bus into the city is a 600 euro charge, or something insane like that. So we took a train in. Everyone got on the train, no problems. Then in Rome we walked to our hostel/hotel. I think this one was actually a hotel, because it was quite nice. And only 3 people to a room.

After dumping our stuff and getting changed (have to look good for those Italian boys, you know?), we were going to walk to a fountain. But, it turns out Rotary can't count: we were missing 18 people. So we just went for dinner (I was with 5 other people who got kebabs, everyone else [read: losers] got McDonalds. Yuck.), and then walked back. The other 18 were at the hotel, so at least we didn't lose them.

The next day, we got a real breakfast! Cream filled croissant, and cappuccino. YUM. So much better than bread and tea. Then got ready for the day (cover those shoulders and knees, churches are picky!) and set out. First we saw a church, nothing special. Except for the fact it was in Italy, so it was super-gorgeous. Then we walked to...wait for it...the COLOSSEUM. Boo-yeah! We met our tour guide there. Side note: No matter old, young, boy, girl; if you have an Italian accent: I love you. Just saying. Anyways...She showed us around the Colosseum, and the ruins and stuff around there. Then we ditched her, and had free time.

I went with a bunch of girls. We got pasta for lunch. (Tortellini with ham and cheese, mmm.) Then just walked around. The others got ice cream, and I started The Great Cannoli Search. Sadly, the search was not to be completed that day. But we had fun. Later we checked in with Rotary, and went to some more churches. Then had more free time.  More fun in the city, buying souvenirs, eating Italian, etc. Then back to the hotel.

Our second day in Roma, we went to the Vatican in the morning. I'll write about that in my next post, since it is a different city(: After that, we had free time. I went with different people (again). We had pizza for lunch, and I had tiramisu, then shopping. I actually got something for my dad! (This is a first, all his other gifts are mostly for my mom...I love you, Daddy!) Then we took lots of random pictures at this cute little place we found. We met up with Rotary for dinner after that.

I had pasta for dinner. And more tiramisu for dessert (because Rotary didn't give us choices.), but it was better at lunch. Then I went with a bunch of people to the Fontana de Trevi. It was sooooo pretty. I left with 3 other people then. We walked to the Spanish Steps, then back to the hotel. At the hotel, I was in one of the boys rooms (Brasil and Mexico were in there) for a bit, just because they bothered to pay for internet, and I was being a mooch. Then I went back to my room to shower, and when I came out there were people canoodling (yes, I say that's a word) on my bed. So I went back to the guys room (It was short a person...hahaha.) I just hung out in there, writing in my journal, and listening to a Brasilian soccer game online. (Apparently the good guys were losing.) Then my room cleared out, and I went to bed. (If there are adults reading this who are worried, when I say "canoodling" I mean cuddling. A "D" was not broken that night. At least not by anyone I know of...haha.)

The next day we left Roma, after riding the subway, a bus, Rotary getting us lost...we finally left around noon. The Great Cannoli Search was still on.

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