Saturday, June 4, 2011

Euro Tour - Ferry

For the ferry, we had to wait a while on our bus. Then we all walked on, the the bus was driven on. It was cool, we went up two flights of escalators to get to the part we needed to be at. And it was a legit ship. I had been expecting something quite small. This had 10 levels, restaurants, stores, a casino, a pool, and all the rooms. We were all in the same hallway. The rooms were so tiny, and to shower, you basically had to choose which limb to keep out of the shower, because it was so tiny. But very cool.

When we got on, after dumping our things in our rooms, we basically spent 2 hours running around exploring the ship. In some cases, literally running. It was sweet. Not so sweet was finding out the pool would be closed, due to "cold" weather. So we were all taking pictures, and doing our little back rub lines. Then we started to move, so we all went to the rail to say goodbye to Spain.

yay, tan lines! :D
We watched that for awhile, talked, wandered around. I ended up in bed by about 11 though. The beds were comfy, but cold. There was only a sheet and thin blanket, and they tried to freeze us overnight. We got up at like 8.30 and went down for our usual bread and tea breakfast. After breakfast, I went with most of the girls to change into our swimsuits. We took books and towels, and lay on the top deck. For like five hours. It was lovely. During that time, the boys just "happened" to show up. And hover. But whatever, I got tan so I am happy.

After lunch I spent some time with a few other girls, trading dances we know. I learned "Cotton-Eyed Joe", "Creu", and an Arabian dance from a Columbian girl. We all just call it the Columbian dance.

We arrived in Italy at about 7.00 pm, and got back on our bus for the next leg.

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