Monday, March 28, 2011

Ski Week

 Ok, once again, I didn't post for a while. But this time I have a good excuse! I was at Ski Week.
Picture: Me halfway down one of the hills, enjoying the scenery.

There were 29 exchanges from District 2240, which was amazing. We were in Jasna, Slovakia. We arrived Sunday night, and stayed until the next Saturday morning.
Picture: Ernesto (Mexico), Me, Kristina (California), Zoe (Oregon), and Rafa (Brasil) standing in front of the lift, getting ready to go down the hill.

We skied every morning, and all day on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. I fell at least once every day, but nothing major. On Wednesday afternoon, we toured a cave in Liptossky Mikulas, and then went to a waterpark there.
Picture: The "Pussy-willow Waterfall" formation of stalactites in the cave.

On Thursday afternoon, we had a "carnival", basically we wore masks and had races down the hill on inner tubes and the like. Monday night we had our own little "disco" in the basement of our hotel, and Friday night we got to go to the real disco there. It was really fun, dancing with everyone all crazy, and avoiding the drunks trying to hit on us. But nothing bad happened, don't worry(:
Picture: Our team, Os Fodas, for the carnival. Me, Rachel (Illinois), Rhihannon (Washington), Gustavo (Brasil), and Jenn (New York).

Also Wednesday, we went out to dinner. I was with 4 other friends, and we all went to an American restaurant (yum) then met everyone at a bar that the Rotex had reserved for us. Twas fun.
Picture: A group of us taking random pictures with our flags in the hotel. Top row, from left: Lydia (Pennsylvania), Ana (Brasil), Kenton (Ohio), Lewis (Australia), Me, Marina (Brasil), Samara (Mexico) Bottom row: Piera (Brasil) and Victor (Brasil)

Yes, I know I skipped around a bit, and this was a super short post to describe my week, but the week went super fast. Just enjoy the pics!
Picture: Going up the lift, this was one of my roommates, Kristina (California).

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