Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Feel Special

I rode the bus all by myself, like a big kid today! I'm very proud of myself. And yes, I realize that I sound like I'm mentally challenged, but I don't care. (And, quite frankly, I usually sound like I'm mental, so this is nothing new.) But the story...

Today after dance class, I didn't want to walk the 40-ish minutes home, so I decided to ride the bus. Olivia went with me to the stop to make sure I got on the right bus, and such. We had to talk to the driver to convince him to give me a student fee, since I don't have a card (I need to get one...). But he did. And Olivia left, and I rode all by myself(: I even got off at the right stop! (This is also really good, since problems with bus stops runs in the family...Remember that one time in Chicago with Judy, Mom? hahaha) So yes. I'm proud of myself, and I just thought I'd share(:

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