Monday, April 18, 2011

American Weekend

This past weekend my friends Teague and Sami came over. They are exchanges staying in Kosice. Teague is from Wisconsin, and Sami is from Mexico. What fun!

Lunch Saturday
They arrived Friday afternoon. I showed them around a bit, and we went food shopping with my host mom. Then we went out with Ernesto. Saturday morning I made pancakes. "We" cooked lunch...meaning I supervised, and had some issues when we realized Teague couldn't even manage to stir two things at the same time. She was put in charge of washing the lettuce, and tearing it for salad. The extent of her cooking skills were revealed even more when she asked "wash the lettuce with soap and water, right?" No, So, I supervised Teague not killing us, and we cooked baked beans, "Barb's Salad", and Hawaii Burgers. (Hamburgers with pineapple, onion slices, and guacamole on them instead of ketchup and mustard.) 

In the afternoon we went for another walk, taking lots of pictures. We came home for dinner, and then went out with Ernesto again. Sunday the girls walked to the train station to get their tickets for later in the day. This should have taken about a half hour, maybe 40 minutes. An hour and a half later, they got back. (They missed the turn walking there, but managed fine on the way home.) While they were gone, I made cheesy potatoes and Death by Chocolate, with my host mom's help. As she told me with a laugh, "I like American cooking. You just have to mix everything in one bowl and that's it!" She then baked chicken for lunch, too. After lunch the girls headed back, managing to get on the right train and get home without problems. 

All in all, it was a very good weekend. And the Death by Chocolate was the favorite dish, I'm host dad was sad as he finished the last of it today, asking if there was more as he scraped the bowl clean. My host mom asked me to make it again next week for Easter, which should be fun. (Expect a full report about Easter sometime next week...I've been warned it will involve water, and lovely little sticks to beat the girls. Oh, joy.)


  1. What did you put in your Death by Chocolate?

  2. homemade chocolate pudding, melted chocolate, vanilla cake, chocolate bar with peanuts and cherries in it, and whipped cream. (: