Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter vacation started last week. No school Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday. Thursday and Friday I mostly just hung out, nothing special. My host aunt and uncle came Friday and stayed until Saturday.

Saturday my other host aunt and uncle, and my host cousins came. For lunch we had goulash (Hungarian version, cooked by Czech and Slovaks) that was really good. Saturday night I went out with my host cousin and Ernesto, fun times.

Sunday we had a family lunch. I dyed eggs with my host mom and aunt. It was really cool. We put onion peels in a pot, then uncooked eggs. The eggs we put weeds on, to make designs, and wrapped them in pantyhose so they would stay. Then put them in the pan, and boiled them for about 10 minutes. They looked sweet when they were done.

Monday morning...ah, Easter Monday. I was woken up at 7:30 by my host dad coming in my room, saying good morning, and proceeding to dump a glass of cold water on my neck, and hit me with a willow switch a few times. After he left,  I went back to sleep. Until my host cousins and their dad came in. They sneaked in and woke me up by pulling off my blanket, and hitting me with their switches. They had a spray bottle filled with water, which was used on my face. Yea, thanks. After them, my host grandfather came in, hit me a few times, sprayed me with his bottle...yay. So yes, Slovak Easter Monday is not my favorite thing. Supposedly the water is for beauty, and the hitting is for...something. I don't remember what, exactly. It wasn't as bad as it sounds here. The glass of water sucked, but the spray bottles weren't that bad. And the switches didn't hurt. My host cousin said they were being nice, apparently last year he had a bucket of water...yeesh.

So, that was my Easter in Slovakia. Tomorrow the girls are allowed to get revenge, or so I've been told...we shall see.


  1. i love goulash here. its not the noddle-y kind we had in america, its like beef stew. im totally making it this fall(: