Monday, November 8, 2010

What to Say?

So walking home today, I realized a few things.

1. Life here is normal to me now. Meaning I'm probably not writing stuff that people are interested. But it is all so normal for me now. So I don't know what you want to hear about, bringing me to my next point...
2. I don't hear from you people! I want to keep this interesting for you. But you gotta help me out a little here...So just leave a comment telling what you want to hear about, or you can email me ( But I like feedback.
3. My birthday is Thursday! I will be 17, and I'm really excited. I'll tell you all about what I did after the fact. =P

So that's pretty much my update. I don't know what to write about unless you all ask.


  1. Say whatever comes to mind, don't think, just type, it's all interesting! :)

  2. It's all fascinating. Just throw it down as it comes to you. Because, if you found it fun and interesting, chances are good that we will too!