Friday, July 1, 2011

My Last Day

Today was my last day in Piestany.

It rained almost all day, which sucked. I couldn't go out and just walk around, like I wanted to. Instead, I stayed in and obsessed about my packing. It stopped raining in the afternoon ish. I said good-bye to my host family, as they are going to the Czech Republic for the weekend. (I live with my host grandparents, remember.) I met up with my friends tonight, and just talked and had fun with them all night. They got me presents, even though I totally wasn't expecting it. As the night wore on, I said goodbye one by one as people had to make curfew. I finally got home at around 12.30, which is an early night for me. I finished packing, and I'm all set to go now. Not ready, but I don't think I'll ever be ready to leave. I'll be leaving in a few hours.

Budem mi chybas vsetkych!!!!!!!!!
Dakujem pre vsetko, Slovensko, si vyborne.


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  1. Hey!
    I was RYE to Banska Bystrica in 2003. I'm putting pins in a map and was trying to remember where we'd gone on Eurotour. In a fit of desperate brilliance I googled "RYE Slovakia Eurotour" to see if anyone else had taken the same trip. Your blog came up.

    Obviously it's all different people, but it was still kind of fun to read a bit about familiar places and experiences. It reminded me of my group's silly adventures and silly Australians.

    Thanks :-)
    -Adam Daggy