Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Loooooooong Trip

Ok, so this is going to be in a few parts. I'll try to be sorta in order, but no promises...

Ok everyone I'm sorry I didn't write the other day, my computer was being dumb. Basically the update is: thanks to everyone that came to my final goodbye, it was really hard to see all of you go.    
This morning my parents and I drove to Detroit where we hung out at the airport till 1:10, when I said goodbye and got on my first flight. I'm writing this from the plane, and I'll post it later, so this post is gonna be long, and not really in order. This is part one, I will write part two when I land in Chicago or during my next flight, Chicago to London.

So yea. I totally didn't write from Chicago. In Chicago I had to go through security again, then I met up with Myles, Crystal, and Eleanor. We hung out till our flight. We got our seats changed so we were two by two instead of all spread out. I sat by Eleanor. We had a really good dinner actually. We watched movies and read and I colored. =]
I slept for a bit, then we got to London at like 7 local time. We had to go through security AGAIN; and now we're sitting waiting to see which gate we will be at.

We were at gate 24. We found it fine, but didn't have time to change our seats. We just took off from London a little late but thats ok. None of us are sitting together; which isn't fun, but it's only two hours, so we will be fine. There's another exchange on this flight. She's from Pennsylvania, and going to Bratislava. Her name is Maggie, and she's super quiet. But she sems nice. 
I'm sitting at a window seat, and there's two guys next to me. They are just reading, hence me writing this right now. I'm actually writing this on my ipod, so I don't have to worry about pen and paper. I need to figure out the internet once I get to my new house...should be interesting. I'll write the next bit of this once I actually get online and put this on my blog, unless something exciting happens. =] 

Ok. So I firured out the internet, but Zuska (my laptop) is being stupid. So I'm still on my Ipod. My host family is super nice, and I love Piešťany =] I think I've taken about 20 billion pictures, but I can't upload them because of my stupid computer. Oh well. Also, I need to get a new converter because the one I have doesn't fit the plug-in thingy on my laptop. (Thanks, DAD.) But I have to go, I'll probably post more once I start school.


  1. Yaaay, you arrived safely!!!

    You named your laptop Zuska?

    How is Zuska being stupid exactly?

    - aunt gen

  2. yes, i named it zuska =]
    um, i put it to sleep cuz it was being really slow and dumb and now it wont wake up. basically, it wont turn on. =[ im getting it looked at.